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Unit A16, 23/F, Chiap King Industrial Building
714 Prince Edward Road East
San Po Kong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

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    Branding through Design, Outperform with Techniques

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    "Thanks to Ivan's help, I can put my website on the first page of Hong Kong in just one month.

    I have tried many companies offering digital marketing services in the past, including the first company in Hong Kong, but after using their services for six months, I found them to be five times more expensive and ineffective. All they did was ask me to renew my contract for another six months without providing any follow-up or results. However, Ivan was different. He offered targeted advice that led to significant growth in our company, with at least a two-fold increase in turnover compared to previous years. I was pleasantly surprised by his willingness to go above and beyond and his ability to deliver tangible results.

    As someone who doesn't often give praise, I can confidently say that Ivan and his team are exceptionally skilled and experienced. I highly recommend Ivan and his team to any SMEs or large companies looking to develop and succeed.

    Spencer Lam
    Founder of Spencer Lam English

    1. Was the cooperation smooth? Super smooth!!

    2. Can the cooperation meet your marketing needs? YES!

    3. Are you satisfied with the service? Very satisfied!

    4. What's the best aspect? FlowDigital is very helpful and efficient!! I anticipate the results of the coming SEO service

    5. How many points will be given out of 5? 5 !

    Leo Tam
    Chief Interior Designer
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    First of all, thank you FlowDigital for designing our website. The content, design, and style inside are very suitable for us. It has a Japanese feel and the design is beautiful.

    So I am very satisfied, and moving forward, I will continue to collaborate with FlowDigital. I want to incorporate my own brand, Lee Wai Kee Group, and integrate all of our company within it.

    Effective communication is crucial in collaboration, and it's also the aspect we prioritize the most. In this regard, your company has performed exceptionally well. As for the final question, if I were to rate our collaboration on a scale of one to ten, I would probably give it a high score.

    Very satisfied, really ten.

    CEO of Lee Wai Kee

    I highly recommend this SEO service company! Their promotional strategies and analysis have quickly improved the rankings of my website in search results.

    Ms Priscilla
    Founder of Ms Priscilla English

    Thank you to Flowdigital for designing and building our company's website. Knowing that Flowdigital is experienced in working with education centers, I approached them to design my website. It was a pleasure to work with their team, they customized various features and settings for me, and all of their staff were very friendly and willing to assist me in revising the site.

    On the other hand, knowing that Flowdigital offers SEO search engine ranking optimization services also made me very interested in using this company. I believe this is one of the best ways to promote my website and company in the long run. Thanks again to Flowdigital for helping me with my education business. Translated with (free version)

    Mr. Chow
    Founder of Precise One Education