Create eye-catching event campaigns and attract more traffic through your website.

Our event/campaign services can help take your advertising of your event campaigns to the next level with marketing strategies ranging from event website, email marketing, data analytics, and much more.

10+ media interviews and awards received

FlowDigital has ample experience in event and campaign marketing

FlowDigital is branching out with our current experience of website design and marketing for clients and combining the two to serve clients of all industries.

What is an event website?

An event website provides details often the source of truth for all planned activities, which gives potential attendees insight into what they can expect if they choose to attend.
  • Execute it once and have a long-term effect

    Your event website is, for all intents and purposes, the hub of the pre-event and sometimes even post-event experience for your attendees. Without an event website, it’s much more difficult for site visitors to find out important information about the particular session.

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Why create an event website?

Whether you're a big or small company, an event website helps give credibility to your event promotions as well as inform potential attendees with general information of the event
  • An event website is where potential attendees will go to:

    -Find event-specific information, register, browse the event schedule and agenda, learn more about the organization and the event.

* The importance of an event website(with examples) [,for%20your%20must%2Dsee%20event!]*

Categories of services we provide

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Event Website

Have us create your very own event website that is aesthetically eye-catching and informative

Event Details

Have your landing page include event details such as time , location, activities, themes and more in order to attract users to participate in the events

Intergrated Registration System

Have your own registration page within the website for users to apply for your event directly and track payments or ticket reservations

Event News & Display Promotional Materials

Show the company history, previous work, news regarding the event as well as previous clients. As well as display previous organized events and activities. This information can give users the background of the company hosting the event to display credibility

Real-Time Event Progress Updates

Have an auto-updated event schedule within the website to keep users upto date with the event progress

Upgrade your plans to maximise functionality for your Event page

Additional Webpages

If you need more than 3-4 pages for your website, we can create additional pages for an additional fee.

E-commerce Functionality

If you want to sell tickets or merchandise through your website, we can add e-commerce functionality for an additional fee.


We will provide hosting and technical support for your website, particularly during the event. 

Email Marketing

Reach out to potential clients through email leads regarding upcoming events

Introduce and market your event

Brief clients regarding the upcoming event with graphics displaying event highlights as well as a personalised email template to catch the attention of viewers.

Our Email Marketing Services Include:

  • 6 written emails monthly for marketing purposes
  • Graphics and copywriting of the emails
  • Design of an extra email template for future use

Data Analytics Tracking

Collect, identify, and categorize individual data points throughout the data pipeline to evaluate traction and progress of the events

Track and Collect Real-Time Data

Utilize Google Search Console to collect and track data on the event website

Analyze Data and Curate Recommended Suggestions

Analyze the data and give constructive suggestions on what methods to execute in order to bring more traffic to the site

Create Regular Tracking Reports

Give regular tracking reports to keep clients updated on a weekly basis to keep them in the loop on the progress of the site

Other Features

We have a wide variety of customizable features depending on our clients’ needs

Custom Website Design

We will create a custom website design that meets your branding needs and the specific requirements of your event.

Responsive Design

Your website will be responsive, meaning that it will look and function properly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Easy-to-use content managements ystem (CMS):

We will use a user-friendly CMS that allows you to easily update and manage your website’s content.

Offline integration support:

We can help you generate QR code for posters or showcase the website in any platforms required by you, such as big screens in the event venue.

Full control of your website:

You will have full control of your website and we will not have access to it unless you wish us to maintain it on your behalf.

Our Service Plan

The following prices are for reference only, we provide flexible solutions.

「Email Marketing」

Help create well designed eye-catching promotional emails
$ 6800 One-Off
  • Write 6 emails monthly for marketing purposes
  • Includes graphics and copywriting of the emails
  • Design an extra email template for future use

「Event Website」

Help in creating a beautiful website whilst keeping it functional
$ 9800 One-Off
  • Event Website with maximum of 3 pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Offline Integration Support
  • Simple Registration System

「Event Website Growth Plan」

Help in creating a beautiful website whilst keeping it functional
$ 19800 One-Off
  • Event Website with a maximum of 5 pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Data analytics Tracking
  • Offline Integration Support
  • More complex registration system (such as requiring payments or ticket reservation)

「Event Website Pro Plan」

Help in creating a beautiful website whilst keeping it functional
$ 29800 One-Off
  • Event Website with maximum of 7 pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Offline Integration Support
  • Real-time schedule updates or event progress display
  • More complex registration system (such as requiring payments or ticket reservation) Handle >300 concurrent visitors



網站設計 (Website Design) 是指創建和設計網站的過程,包括網站的外觀、佈局、色彩、文字、圖像、視頻和其他元素。它還包括網站的功能、易用性和可用性等方面。