Media coverage and awards

We have been striving to provide the most professional marketing services, which have been widely reported by various media and recognized by large technology companies and non-profit organizations.

The only expert in marketing is the consumer, that is, you just need to impress the consumer.

In recent years, our FlowDigital team has been recognized by the Hong Kong community for its high quality of service. Our unique marketing approach has been featured in leading media outlets and praised by technology companies and nonprofit organizations. We have also launched our Flowclass platform, mobile app, and more, attracting over 10,000 users looking for the right teacher and a great testament to our technical capabilities.

We take pride in this, but what really inspires us is the impact we have on our clients’ businesses. We are committed to providing the most professional marketing services to help our clients achieve their goals, and we thank you for considering us as your partner.

Customers and partners

We are also familiar with marketing strategies across a wide range of industries, including schools, technology organisations, business incubation schemes, etc.

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