SEO services for expanding Hong Kong companies.
Ranking top three among millions of traffi. It has never been so simple.

We create long-lasting values

Our team optimizes your website's authority, relevance, and trust for up to 200 signals.

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LearnSmart Education

Starting from scratch, within two months, it will be on the first page of search results such as “Mathematics Tutoring” and “Chinese Tutoring”
Professionally assign backlink strategies and specialize in high-traffic keywords with a limited budget

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Spencer Lam English

A tool that collects customer data based on conversion rate, specializing in English tuition keywords
It has also generated a conversion rate of up to 3% of website traffic, far ahead of all existing marketing platforms.

Have you encountered any of the following challenges?

Lack of understanding of SEO

Competitors are acquiring new customers through SEO, but you're still not sure what SEO can do.

Unable to make the front page of the search

You want your site to be on the front page of search results to help expand your customer base, but it doesn't work.

There's no way to start with SEO

Eager to learn SEO, but too much information online.

Unable to optimize website content

Want to optimize websites designed by third-party software such as ShopLine, WordPress, etc.

No longer stuck in traditional methods and reach never-before-seen target audiences.

Our preferential packages


$ 5000 每月(爲期6個月或以上)
  • 六至八組「中流量」關鍵字
    (每月搜尋量500 - 2,000左右)
  • 大約三至四個月左右上首頁
  • 2000+條反向鏈結,輔助排名上升
  • 專人監察成效,每月報告


$ 6500 每月(爲期6個月或以上)
  • 幫你挑選最多流量的關鍵字
  • 網站SEO診症及專人修正 (如允許)
  • 兩至三組「高流量」關鍵詞 (每月搜尋量2,000+)
  • 六至八組「中流量」關鍵字
    (每月搜尋量500 - 2,000左右)
  • 大約三個月左右上首頁
  • 4000+條反向鏈結,輔助排名上升
  • 專人監察成效,每月報告


$ 8000 每月(爲期3個月或以上)
  • 幫你挑選最多流量的關鍵字
  • 網站SEO診症及專人修正 (如允許)
  • 兩組「高流量」關鍵詞 (每月搜尋量5,000+)
  • 四組「中流量」關鍵詞
  • 五至十組「低流量」關鍵詞
  • 7000+條反向鏈結,輔助排名上升
  • 專人監察成效,每月報告

What is SEO? What's in it for my company?

SEO can help you continuously increase your exposure, order count, and unprecedented profits.

  • Execute it once and have a long-term effect

    Although it takes time and money in the early stages of SEO, its ranking will be maintained in the long run, which means that you will continue to receive search for you. As a result, 49% of marketing experts say* that SEO is the marketing strategy with the highest returns.

* Which Digital Marketing Channel Has the Highest ROI for Websites? [https://www]

Is an SEO strategy really right for my company?

Whether you're a big or small company, SEO builds your visibility and traffic.

  • Search results are your first impression of you

    Every minute, Google uses search engine algorithms to determine which web content is good and continuously improves these rankings. 53% of consumers say they refer to search engine results first when shopping*.

* Omnichannel Holiday Study, Holiday shoppers 18+ who shopped in previous 48 hours [https://www /]

A proven SEO strategy makes your website stand out from your competitors.

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