Brand your school to be distinct among parents

School website design services can help students and parents better understand the school's educational philosophy and academic characteristics according to the school's needs and requirements.

More than 10 media interviews and awards

The FlowDigital team has roots in the education sector

FlowDigital was founded to serve educational institutions including universities, secondary schools, primary schools, and education centers.

Categories of websites we design

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School Official Website Design

The first impression for parents, the government and the public on the school

Showcase the school brand

Provides information on courses and activities to help students and parents better understand the school's educational philosophy and academic methologies

Improve the branding of the school

Systematically display students' achievements and awards, helping potential new students to better understand the school and attract parents who want their children to become successful students

Meets the needs of your school to upgrade its existing website or use a new design

Sign-up and login features are available

Enable students and parents to easily log in to access grades, class schedules, and other academic information

Additional upgrades: multiple languages

These include fixing website glitches, providing additional website instruction for school staff, and simple textual updates to the website

Provide website maintenance services

This includes fixing website glitches and providing additional website instruction for school staff. Generally, 15% of the creation fee is charged annually.

School Open Day Website Design

In order to promote events, provide information about the school and its curriculum, and showcase students’ work and achievements

Event Promotion

Provide detailed information about the open day, such as time, location, event content, theme, etc., to attract more students and parents to the event.

Introduction to Subjects and Courses

Showcase the school's history, curriculum structure, student life, etc. This information can help students and parents better understand the specialities and characteristics of the school

School Information

Showcase the school's history, curriculum structure, student life, etc. This information can help students and parents better understand the specialities and characteristics of the school

Presentation of students' work

Showcase artwork, scientific research, competition awards, community service, and more to help students and parents understand the school's performance and achievement

Use Flowclass's registration system to streamline the event registration and registration process

When a student or parent completes the registration (and payment), an email confirmation will be automatically sent with details of the event and a reminder of successful registration

Website design for school anniversary

Promote activities to showcase the school’s history and achievements, and allow alumni, current students and staff to share memories and celebrate together

Event Promotion

Through dedicated pages on the website, attract more alumni, current students, and faculty to the event

Enhance sense of belonging

To help alumni and current students better understand the history and culture of the school, thereby enhancing their sense of belonging and support for the school

School Information

Provide a detailed introduction to the history and development of the school, including the background of the school, the development of the school, important events and people, etc

Showcase Achievements

Showcase the school's achievements and strengths, including academic, athletic, artistic, community service, and more

Subject-specific website design

Builds its website for subjects such as math, science, social studies, and arts

  • Extensive multimedia content for additional exercises or exams after class

    A login system is provided for students to be able to access the resources on the website Subject Resources

  • Make it easier for students to revise on their own during the holidays

    There is no need to ask the teacher for extra information again and again

  • Conveniently conduct efficient "flipped classroom"

    Better planning of lessons and sending class materials

  • Interactive quizzes and online discussion forums

    Understand students' learning difficulties first, and give timely guidance and support in class;

Alumni Association website

Enable alumni to stay in touch and communicate with the school and other alumni

  • Provide information about alumni activities

    Such as alumni gatherings, networking events, forums and seminars, etc

  • School news and profiles of notable alumni

    To enable alumni to learn about the latest developments in the school and the achievements of notable alumni

  • Set up an alumni directory

    Better planning of lessons and sending class material.

  • Facilitates communication and cooperation among alumni

    The directory can include alumni contact information, employment information, and personal websites, among other things

  • Registration, enrollment, and payment features

    Enable alumni to sign up for various events in a convenient way

Parent-Teacher Association Website

Messages showing past activities and ways for parents to participate in school activities

  • Give parents a better understanding of the background and functions of the parent-teacher association

    Includes the history, organization, goals, and mission of the PTA basic information

  • Details of upcoming events

    Such as time, place, theme, and event content, etc

  • Registration, enrollment, and payment features

    Parents and teachers are kept informed and involved in school activities

  • Design a publication and upload it to the website

    It's easy to sign up for events and become a PTA member

Events, Sports Gala websites

Create a dedicated website for sports match days to post fixtures, scores, and other relevant information

  • Provide the latest news and results about the competition

    Including the time, place, teams and results of the competition

  • Provide information about the rules of the game and the referees

    Photos and videos of the venue and equipment, current scores, etc

  • Provides sign-up function

    Make it easy for students to sign up for the competition

  • Introduce the history of the varsity team and the awards it has received

    Attract existing students to join the school team and promote the school's emphasis on students' diversified development

We are proud of our clients from the education industry in Hong Kong

Website Design: PreciseOne Education

Faster rendering of new websites and higher domain authority are all important indicators of SEO success. FlowDigital was able to increase website traffic by 7x and reach more potential students.

Website design: Mulberry House International Kindergarten

The website designed by FlowDigital presents a variety of information about the kindergarten in a lively and interesting way, including the network of school branches, teaching features, etc. The new website allows parents to make instant appointments for upcoming events and apply directly for next school year.

Email promotion: Chinese University of Hong Kong

The email campaign strategy draws the attention of students and subscribers to a new book published by CUHK ORTKS. We created a multi-layered email chain for email marketing to increase awareness of the new book.

Social Media Promotion: Hang Seng University

We hosted a live social media stream for Hang Seng University and published a series of posts and articles to promote its courses. Even after the event ends, these posts and articles attract thousands of students to read each year, with long-term results.

Our pricing packages

The prices below are for reference only, and we offer flexible design options


$ 7,800 一次性
  • 主頁設計+約五頁網頁設計
  • 我們為您設計版面
  • 網站速度保證
  • 單語言網站
  • 網站轉化率及瀏覽追蹤
  • 一鍵傳至Whatsapp
  • 易用後台系統,隨時更改資訊
  • 網頁維護及備份


$ 9,800 一次性
  • 主頁設計+約七頁網頁設計
  • 我們為您設計版面
  • 網站速度保證
  • 專業SEO搜尋優化
  • 網站轉化率及瀏覽追蹤
  • 一鍵傳至Whatsapp
  • 易用後台系統,隨時更改資訊
  • 網頁維護及備份


$ 14,800 一次性
  • 包含所有「重塑」的服務
  • 主頁設計+約十頁網頁設計
  • 專業設計師設計,自訂風格
  • 專業搜尋優化SEO
  • 兩次風格及內容修改
  • 建立資料庫,上載個案、客戶等動態資料
  • 聯絡表格、預約功能
  • 可升級增加會員制度
  • 可升級增加多種語言


$ 客製化 一次性
  • 包含所有「綻放」的服務
  • 跟據您的需要訂造
  • 專業設計師設計,自訂風格
  • 專業搜尋優化SEO
  • 多次次風格及內容修改
  • 建立資料庫,上載個案、客戶等動態資料
  • 聯絡表格、預約功能
  • 可升級增加會員制度
  • 可升級增加多種語言

We focus on technology and data analytics

Website design is an art that integrates various elements and requires creativity, skills, and an understanding of the target market.

Website design encompasses the process of conceptualizing and creating a website that effectively communicates the intended message to its target audience. It involves choosing the appropriate colors, fonts, images, and layout that accurately represent the brand or organization. The design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, easy to navigate, and accessible on different devices. A well-designed website can enhance brand credibility, increase customer engagement, and ultimately drive conversions.

The cost of website design varies depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, website functionality, the experience level of the designer, and the location of the designer. Custom-designed websites are generally more expensive than template-designed websites. Other factors that may affect the cost of website design include the amount of time required by the designer, the costs associated with development and programming, as well as the cost of hosting and domain registration.

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are critical concepts in website design. UX refers to the overall experience of users when they interact with a website, including their perceptions, emotions, and satisfaction. On the other hand, UI refers to the visual and interactive elements of a website, such as colors, layout, typography, and buttons. The synergy between UX and UI can create websites with excellent ease of use and usability, enhancing the user’s experience and driving engagement and conversion.

When looking for a website designer or design team, it’s important to consider a number of factors. These include their level of experience, their professional skills and expertise, their attitude and approach, their portfolio of work, and customer testimonials. A skilled designer or team should have a wealth of experience in designing websites, and should be able to fully understand the needs and requirements of their clients, offering creative ideas and solutions to help achieve their goals. Additionally, they should be excellent communicators and collaborators, working closely with clients to ensure that the final product is exactly what they’re looking for.