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Hong Kong’s first one-stop tuition review application app🏫 for real-time dialogue, without intermediaries 👨🏻 🎓
Real-time updates of course information and student evaluations from over 2,000 education centres, tuition clubs and private tutors. Instant dialogue, pouring out learning needs, no longer mismatched.
The strongest student network in Hong Kong, co-founded 🌄 by students, parents and tutors in collaboration 👩🏻 🎓 with more than 100 secondary school student unions
Various types of courses are at your disposal, DSE tuition, primary school tuition, kindergarten classes, junior high school classes, interest classes, investment, technology, sports, music, childcare, including you can easily get your heart’s content 😊
Please feel free to post posts/photos/videos/qualifications, etc., so that students can get the most effective information!